March Artist - Hogan Burleigh
to Apr 30

March Artist - Hogan Burleigh

Hogan is the creator and the person behind The Ink-stained Minstrel.

From Artists website:

“Hello, friends, and thank you for visiting The Ink-stained Minstrel! My name is Hogan and I began this business in 2016 after I calligraphed my own wedding invitations and decor.

 I have a passion for telling stories. For the longest time, I mainly identified myself as a writer. I've self-published one book and have started many others. And while writing is certainly one of my biggest passions, I've found that it is not the only way to express my love for words. 

Stories can be found in many things. I've found that any art in itself is an expression of just that: storytelling. And because I take such joy in weaving words together and spinning tales, I've come to think of myself as a minstrel of sorts. 

 My work consists of wedding calligraphy and personalized decor. I also teach calligraphy and lettering workshops.

As you browse through my site, make sure to look closely and–more importantly–listen. All art has a song, a story, for those that can hear it.”

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to Feb 12

January Artist - Amy Clements

Introducing Amy Clements!

She is our newest addition to our artist wall!

Amy’s works are done with colored pencil and it mostly focuses on photo realism.

Her sales of her original art will go to support Enid Youth and Family Services! So come show your support and check out her amazing work!

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